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Spaghetti Against the Wall Consulting Launches

Spaghetti Against the Wall Consulting is OPEN for business!

by Paul on September 29, 2012

“Intelligent web video for small business”

We did it: we finally pulled the trigger and launched Spaghetti Against the Wall Consulting!

Why did we start this business? There is a real need for small businesses and micro-businesses (one person shops) to get help with generating leads, increasing sales, and earning money.

Small businesses put up their web sites expecting customers to easily find their site. Lack of traffic on launch day leads to much disappointment. It may not have been clear to the business owner that Search Engine Optimization is critical to help their sites get found. One of the most powerful tools available to help a site turn up in user search results is having video embedded on the front page and on critical pages where customer action is desired. Just do a Google search for something and some of the top results are videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler, and other video hosting sites.

At this point in time, video’s enjoy preferential search engine results treatment, so having video on your site increases the probability of your site shooting to the top of search results for your category of product or service. This makes it easier for customers to find and contact you and leads to increased sales.

Have a look at out new video portfolio. Check back often as the portfolio grows.

Contact us to discuss creating a video with your message so you can pop up to the top in search results, engage more customers, and earn more income.

Phone: 831-515-3009

Email: consultants@SpaghettiAgainstWall.com

Video of WordPress MeetUp 9-19-2012

Post image for Video of WordPress MeetUp 9-19-2012

by Paul on September 29, 2012

We video recorded the Santa Cruz WordPress MeetUp meeting of 9/19/2012 as a community service. The meeting are held at Cruzio, Inc. in downtown Santa Cruz. We had two wonderful presentations.

Tell Melody Sharp, our fearless leader,  you saw the video and want to learn more about WordPress.

Watch the video then come to one of our meetings.


Magdalena Montagne, Santa Cruz Poet

Power of poetry

by Paul on September 29, 2012

We produced a video interview with Santa Cruz poet and poetry teacher Magdalena Montagne. The video was recorded at the Capitola Book Cafe and broadcast on Community TV Comcast channel 27 and Charter Communications channel 73 in July 2012.

Watch the video here.